WeHaveMasks has helped distribute over 75,000 masks since March 23, 2020. WeHaveMasks was able to master the logistics of collecting and distributing mask-making supplies, pre-cut mask-making kits. and then the completed masks to where they were needed regardless of one’s location. Supplies and masks were shipped to nearly every state/territory including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico at no cost to the sewists or those receiving the completed masks. Thank you to all of the sewists and volunteers who donated their time, supplies, and money to make this initiative successful.

We are no longer accepting new mask requests, collecting homemade masks, or providing shipping labels for mask distribution. If you have a need for masks or other PPE, you may find a list of resources by state that Get Us PPE has compiled (link below).

PPE Resources by State:

The WeHaveMasks effort was made possible largely through the work of Becky Blank and Garland West (The Carolina Mask Project). Through their partnership, Becky and Garland saw firsthand how powerful a small group or even an individual can be with the right skills. Because of their desire to continue to have an outlet for humanitarian work, Becky and Garland have created Operation Graticule with projects expected to start Fall/Winter 2022.