We Have Masks

We get masks to those who need them the most by filling the gap between suppliers and facilities at no cost to either end, thanks to donations and community mask-makers.

Over 14,000 masks have been donated nationwide!

Your $5 donation will sponsor supplies for 28 masks. Your $25 donation will sponsor supplies for 145 masks. Your $75 donation will sponsor supplies for 435 masks.

Help Fund School Masks

I need masks for school or want to register my school to make no-sew, washable masks ourselves.

WeHaveMasks for Schools

Learn about our no-sew, washable masks that can be made at home, school, or as a fun, community activity.

Register to Make NWPP Masks

My hospital, care facility, school, or work team needs masks.
I have masks ready to ship or can make masks.
Help us cover cost of materials and shipping to get masks to those in need.
We Have Masks

What We Do

WeHaveMasks receives mask requests through our I NEED MASKS form. Each request is verified and given a priority ranking (healthcare, first responder, school, essential work team, general public, and others). 


To fulfill these requests, WeHaveMasks sources homemade masks from mask-makers across the country who are member of or Mask Makers Collective. WeHaveMasks also purchases manufactured cloth masks and professional-grade respirators when funding and availability allows.


These much needed donations cover shipping costs and help get material supplies to our mask-makers. Masks are inspected and distributed to those in need using our request and fulfillment process.


Our WeHaveMasks for Schools initiative is suppling material to schools so they can make their own masks using a no-sew assembly process developed specifically for this effort. Learn more, register your school, or donate at WeHaveMasksforSchools.com.

If you need masks, visit our I NEED MASKS page where there is a form for general requests and one for school use. 

If you have masks to donate, are sewing masks, or want to volunteer for non-sewing tasks, visit our I CAN MAKE MASKS and VOLUNTEER pages

If you simply want to help, please DONATE.  We rely on donations to cover the shipping costs to get masks from sewists across the country to areas with urgent needs. WeHaveMasks also supplies materials to those sewing masks and purchases manufactured masks to fill the gap. We also accept donated supplies and services that will us get masks made and delivered. 

Join the Mask Maker Collective community to stay up-to-date on where our masks are going and to know when there’s an urgent need you may want to help with.

If you are a teacher, student, or school administrator, please join our WeHaveMasks for Schools community.

We Have Masks


100% of your donations will go towards getting masks to those who need them. We are dedicated to getting masks to those in need at no cost to them or our community mask-makers. WeHaveMasks covers the shipping costs to deliver mask kits and materials to our team of sewists, to get completed masks to our collection points, and then the completed masks to those in need. 

Donate with a credit card.


Donate to help us get masks to those who need them most!

Contact us to donate fabric, reusable NWPP bags, shipping supplies, or to volunteer your services.
We have masks

Who We Are



Becky Blank is a Logistics Analyst for American Sugar Refining Group and a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She has a background in Mechanical Engineering with roles in Reliability, Manufacturing, and Aerospace. She lives in Slidell, LA.

Becky Blank



Victoria Griggs is a real estate investor, educator, and affordable housing advocate at Unlimited Pie and Active Duty Passive Income. Prior to becoming an active duty military spouse she had experience in healthcare recruiting at hospitals from coast to coast. Victoria lives in Seattle, WA.

Victoria Griggs



Jill Campbell is a Senior Director with the civic engagement and advocacy organization Mormon Women for Ethical Government, as well as an executive partner with the military real estate investing community Active Duty Passive Income. She is the spouse of a US Marine and lives in Fallbrook, CA.

Jill Campbell


Sophia Eng is a marketing advisor, a real estate investor, and has been the driving force behind the revenue and user growth at companies like InVision, Workday, and Autodesk. She has a background in biological sciences and is also a military spouse. Sophia lives in Walnut Creek, CA.

Sophia Eng


Ruthi Nguyen is an Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Professional at Genentech in South San Francisco. Her background is in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Chemistry. She has experience in fundraising for nonprofits. Ruthi lives in Union City, CA.

Ruthi Nguyen

Thank you to the volunteers who have helped make We Have Masks, Mask Makers Collective a success:

Lindsey McGarrity – Project Management

Leandra Vircks – Webpage Development

Robin Griffin – Mask Request Coordinator, Louisiana Distribution

Lissette Hunt – Utah Coordinator

Emily Kopsick – Social Media Wrangler

Mary Christopher – Kit Processor (LA)

Polly Blank – Kit Processor (FL)

Shelby Dillon – Content Support

Jordana Randolph – Design and Content Support