WeHaveMasks is the front facing name of Mask Makers Collective, a MO nonprofit organization. WeHaveMasks has three owners and is run 100% with volunteer time. WeHaveMasks and the Mask Makers Collective community is made up of volunteer mask makers, non-sewing organizers, and supporters. 

The masks made by community members and donated to WeHaveMasks for distribution are non-medical face coverings. WeHaveMasks does purchase manufactured cloth masks (non-medical) and medical-grade N95, KN95, and surgical masks.


Refer to the CDC and the WHO for the latest recommendations and guidelines. 





We Have Masks, Mask Makers Collective is a nonprofit organization. We have applied for 501(c)3 status with the IRS and all donations will be retroactively tax-deductible for the 2020 tax year once the application process is complete. Contact us after Jan. 1, 2021 to request a donation receipt or to confirm our status prior to claiming your donation on your taxes.



WeHaveMasks does supply materials to volunteer sewists when available. These materials are donated to WeHaveMasks from community supporters. We strive to supply quality materials that meet CDC guidelines for DIY masks. Our volunteer sewists cover a range of skill level and may have access to different supplies based on where they are in the country. Masks made by our volunteers may vary in the construction or style based on the sewists’ preferences and skill level. WeHaveMasks, Mask Makers Collective, and it’s volunteers are not responsible for or make any guarantee on the masks, the patterns/materials used, their quality, their efficacy, or their delivery, nor are we responsible for any injuries, illness, sickness or death resulting from over-reliance or misuse. 



WeHaveMasks, Mask Makers Collective respects your privacy and does not collect or store any data not voluntarily submitted via forms, email, or cookies. Any additional data collected by Word, Google, or any plugins will not be used without your permission. WeHaveMasks does partner with other volunteer mask making communities. Your data will only be share with our partners if you are volunteering for a specific, joint project. We do not sell your data to any 3rd party.