Here are resources we have compiled from conversations in our Facebook group and the mask-making community. If you have a tip or technique that would help mask-makers, please let us know!

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Follow our Homemade Mask Guide and the latest science for sewists! A huge thank you to Just Wanna Quilt and Maker Mask for making this happen!

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NWPP Supplies and Tools

Spunbond non-woven polypropylene (NWPP) will hold up through laundering and can be recognized by its signature, dimpled texture. Reusable grocery bags or conference bags are made of spunbond NWPP. Other NWPP materials can be used to make masks, but will not survive multiple washes. 

For information on what non-woven polypropylene is and how to determine which variety is most suitable for masks, please visit the Maker Mask organization’s website:

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